Sunday, February 21


Prince Charming and Cinderella {aka Bishop and Wifey}

(Almost all these pictures are for a certain Talana because she doesn't have a Facebook. Enjoy, lovah.)

So remember this?

Well, Saturday night was the ball. And can I just tell you that it was awesome? I am so so in love with my ward. Here is some documentation and commentary.

All images are courtesy of the amazing Tiffany and our sweet bishop's wife.

The boys put on their top hats...
...and cowboy hats...

The girls put on their pretty dresses...
And then we danced!

{I don't know what Jacob's doing in this one...}

Parker and his ballroom dance partner gave us a lovely performance.

Which we all heartily approved of.

We went to take a portrait with Mike {3-4 ladies, the lucky man!} but it took forever to set up the lights.
Tiff got quite a few of us waiting there.

It was Kinsi's birthday. A ball in her honor? I think so.

I am constantly amazed by the awesomeness of my friends. You guys rock.

I think that this is an adorable one of Ash. Parker knows how lucky he is, I think.

After the dance, we were still so happy that we had to take more pictures.
{Notice my awesome blue coat?}
I'm pretty sure that Blake and Ashley make this my favorite picture of the night. Ees hot.
The tiara made it's way around

This is a series by Ashley. She likes to click the camera.

All in all, we agreed with Joey, that it was a success.


  1. oh this looks like such a wonderful time! *hug* And you looked beautiful! xo

  2. This blog post was great. And I love the pictures of us waiting to get our "real" picture taken. so good.

  3. Oh Thank you so much for accommondating to those of us who are Facebook deprived...(and darn proud of it!)

    I am super jealous!
    This rocked out... hard!

    And may I say you remind me of Belle?
    Just as you should!

    p.s. I love that Blue Coat!

  4. Yeah. I really love this post.

    Basically, you're awesome.

  5. Talana, you are welcome. And you are not the first to note the Belle thing. So that night was a success.
    Tiff, who took all those pictures? You. Awesome. I wish I was as awesome as you.
    Kempt, I wish I knew who you were.
    Heath, I talk to you every day, so I don't have anything to say here.

  6. Yes, I do indeed know how lucky I was!


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