Tuesday, February 9

The Death of All Things Floaty

What the what?!

Guys, helium is running out! How is this possible? Is anyone else like me and had no idea where helium came from but never thought it would run out? This is so weird! We have got to fund a solution to this problem. (That means, some kind of smart scientist needs to find out where to get more helium or some kind of alternative floaty gas.) My kids will never know floaty balloons if it keeps going like this! I am seriously so depressed.

You can google this to find out that I am not, in fact, lying to you. NPR and News Week both have articles on it.

1 comment:

  1. Waht?
    Seriously, I didn't know it could run out?
    That is insane.
    and terribly sad at the same time!
    But then again 60 years ago they said Gas would run out, but we still have some...
    Let's pray for a miracle!


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