Tuesday, February 9

Valentine's Day. Of course.

Fact: I hate Valentine's Day.

I want nothing to do with it.
Unless the man of my dreams shows up on my doorstep with flowers...
And, let's face it, he's really bad at taking hints and/or just doesn't like me.
So I am resorting back to my original plan of hating on this holiday for lovers.

All you lover-less people, let's get ice cream and chick flicks and fantasize about the perfect man who will sweep us off our feet and carry us off into the sunset.

And while talking of love...
Isn't this the best picture?
I don't really want to get old, but I know that I will have to.
So, more than anything, I want a lover who will hold my hand when we're old.
And I will also be rocking a red coat.


  1. I'm with you Reyna. Single Awareness Day aka Valentines day deserves ice cream and chick flicks because the men we love certainly don't know how to treat us on Valentine's do they
    ?! This year, I have some slight hope but if it falls through, as it likely will, I'll be there with you watching real fictional men who know what their women want (Mr. Knightly, for example.)

    And yes, I like the picture.

  2. love the picture! and love you and know that someday Valentines day won't be a day to hate....

  3. I don't hate it,
    but I don't get to enjoy it... which makes me dis-like it.
    but for now that is how I want it!

    I like being Perfectly Lonely (at least for a little while)

    Plus you & your wrinkley self wouold look awesome in a Red Coat!

  4. I'm in Reyna. Totally. Movies and food here we come.

  5. Yes. Reyna I am in. Movies and food, here we come.


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