Saturday, February 27

Tim Tam Slam

What do you do with your life? Tiff wrote a great post about it that made me stop and think. And then she proceeded to question me on two different days.

"What did you do with February 23rd?"

Well, February 23rd wasn't so hot. He doesn't really come off as that nice of a day. I was pretty bluesy. But then, someone awesome brought me balloons and taught me the wonders of Tim Tam Slams. So with February 23rd, I came one step closer to Australia. And it was good. So good.

"What did you do with February 25th?"

February 25th I wrote a few papers and went running/biking. The biggest part of Feb. 25th was the decision I made to go to Greece. I looked up all the information, did come calculations, made a plan, and I'm sticking to it.

So there are my answers, Tiff.

What did you do with today?


  1. I am loving this picture.

    And thanks for giving me something to blog about.

  2. You had never had Tim Tams?! We buy them in bulk here. I love the ones with caramel. I had several Tim Tam slams last night. So good!!! They are seasonal here and only sold at one store. We stock up and freeze them to last the whole year. They are better frozen, BTW.


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