Saturday, February 27

Conversations with Macy

Miss Macy {age 5}

Macy: There's this boy in my preschool class named Dallin. I like him a lot. So I kiss him all the time. Do you have a boy in your class that you like?
Me: {blushing} yes, yes I do have a cute boy in my class that I like.
Macy: Well, do you kiss him?
Me: No, I've never kissed him.
Macy: Well how is he going to know you like him?
Me: ...

Macy: Are you in singing school?
Me: No
Macy: Then you need to stop singing all the time!
{I Love My Lips from Veggie Tales Silly Songs usually stops the negativity about singing}


  1. Thank you for writing the occasional post that actually makes me laugh out loud!!! Also: I feel a strong desire to sign up for Singing School. Now where does one find such a place?

  2. Reyna, I like the way this Macey character thinks. You should take her advice from the first anecdote.

    Also, I love Veggie Tales and that song. And your face. And you. <3

  3. Singing school. That is awesome. That is going on my greeting card. Thanks

  4. This Macy girl is smart.

    And, does 1-ish work for you for going to the Marriott?


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