Monday, February 15

Love Letters

I don't know if I told you, but my new calling at church is Compassionate Service. This basically means that I am in charge of making sure all the girls in the ward are happy/feeling good. I chase away sickness and sadness and support everyone in their endeavors. I remember everyone's birthday and give them a card and cupcakes. I make soup for those with the flu. The best part? I make new friends. Lots of new friends. It is the best. Oh, and I have a committee, lest you think that I am Superman, doing all these things alone.

Anyways, the point is, last night at ward prayer (where we all gather for a thought, song, prayer, and socializing on Sunday nights) I started a little thing in our ward called Love Letters/Nice Notes (thanks for the idea, Kenzie!) Basically, you write a note (or two, or ten! Heather...) to people in the ward. Someone who gave a great talk, someone who smiled at you, your crush, etc. Write them a note!

I am so grateful to the kids who helped me sort and deliver all of them at ten at night. It was so good!

All in all, Valentine's day was a success: Romeo and Juliet, cinnamon rolls, California speed, love letters, heart attacks, and awesome friends. Love love love. We are now reconciled. I don't need a lover to have a great day.


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  1. That does sound like a good Valentine's Day. and I do like the love notes. And you saw your bf in a towel. yum...for you. :)


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