Friday, February 19

So their costumes are a little weird...

I haven't really talked about the Olympics, mostly because I hadn't watched any yet this year. But last night the men's figure skating was on. So instead of writing a paper, I fell in love with Evan Lysacek.

I've come to realize that I don't actually love the Winter Olympics. I prefer summer with the swimming, diving, volleyball, and running. But Men's figure skating is something I can watch all day. It is incredible to me!

Johnny Weir is my favorite, I think he is so graceful and lovely, but Evan here is flawless. I have never been more mesmerized by anything than when he was skating. Perfection. I've been on youtube for hours just watching him go around. I love love love that he won gold.


  1. I feel in love with Evan too! He is just so darn good!

  2. I know! I stayed up late just to make sure Evan buried the cocky russian with his routine. I love healthy olympic rivalries. Plus, his reaction after he saw he won was awesome. Also, I strangely like Johnny too.

  3. I declared Evan my boyfriend during this Olympics. I'm not so sure how he feels about that but I'm pretty sure I don't care. He was so adorably happy when he won. He was like a little boy.

    Johnny, oh Johnny. I love him, my roommates hate him. They're uncomfortable with how flamboyant he is. I love it. The pink tassel? Killer.

  4. I love both Evan and Johnny!
    (and I think Johnny's score was Sabotaged! He deserved to at least be in 3rd or even 4th, not 6th! The other guys fell down)!

    Anyway, I also love Shaun, and Apolo and Lindsey and Shani, and J.R., and Noelle, and Hannah, and Torah, and Seth, and Julie, and the other Lindsey, and sometimes even Bode!

    And I suggest you do the same...
    you know... only if you still want to be my friend!


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