Monday, February 22

2 Uncomfortable Things

{I seriously just keep looking at the pictures of the ball and they continue to make me happy.}

I went to Heather's FHE tonight, where we played charades.
Can I just tell you that the boys gave me "Don't be a Menace to the South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood"?
{Thank you, Matt, for knowing that there is actually a movie called that out there. What other ridiculous information do you have stored in your head?}
14 words? How do you sign that with only 10 fingers?
It was difficult. And no one told me when the timer went off, because they just wanted to see how far we got.
We got through south central in about 3-4 minutes. Impressive, right?

Anyways, I did 2 hard things today. I ran more than I wanted to and I played charades. Thank you, friends, for pushing me. I feel more comfortable with myself/like a better person already.

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  1. Hey I think your blog is loads of fun so I'm adding it to my reader.
    I'm not creepy I swear!
    Keep it up :)


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