Friday, January 29

The End of the Week

Ees Friday night.

And I'm home, making pilaf and doing homework (that's code for "watching Hannah Montana reruns").

Boring? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

I've been run run running. Maybe that's why Tuesday was such a bad day. I have no time to do anything but school and work and when I take some extra time to do something like go to the gym, I'm completely thrown off. Ugh.

So tonight I stay home. And maybe head to Jody's to watch a movie and do some quilting. And tomorrow I'm going to go to the library before my date (yes! I know! I got a date! Exciting!)

Have a relaxing weekend, little ones.


  1. ok, this picture? we need to do pictures like this. Just random, unusual, everyday, unique pictures. Lots. and lots. Is it asking too much that you stay here so we can do it during the summer?

  2. WHAT? (I know it makes me look crazy to write in all caps but I don't care)
    I am thrilled you are going on a date, but very angry that you did not tell me!
    I expect details and soon!!!!

  3. Do you realize it's been over a week since you last blogged? Unacceptable.


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