Saturday, January 16

Hair Tales

So I am thinking it is time to change it up a bit (meaning, I can see my roots) and I'm not sure what I want to do. So here are a few hairstyles that I know I would love. Please vote.

1. A Zooey/Taza type cut/color. It might be a bit too dark, but I love the cut.
(Taza sells those cute headbands. Check it out! And all proceeds are going to help Haiti right now.)

2. Ok similar cut, different color. Better? 3. Or should I go lighter and embrace my curls?
Curious as to your thoughts.


  1. The Zooey look is SO cute, but... I absolutely love curly hair so I would say embrace it! I would do just about anything to have naturally curly hair... Love the head band too. May have to just get one now since it also supports a very good cause.

  2. You can pretty much pull off any hairstyle. I have never seen you have a bad hair day! I am sure whatever you pick, it will be just dandy.

  3. I feel like you have all of these already. You wear your hair curly! And, the real question you are asking is if you should go dark and/or get bangs. Not dramatic enough.

  4. I'll second Heather.

    Also, too many people are doing the Zooey.

  5. Well, my theory behind hair might be different than yours. I have super straight hair. I cut my own bangs. I don't color or highlight my hair. I am all about letting it air-dry too. Simple is better for me. So, anyhow, I think any of the these styles could be cute. I guess I would embrace your curls since that seems easiest, but the nice thing is you can be versatile and go straight-ish or wavy if you want. I guess I am not really helping out here. I think lighter color though...


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