Saturday, January 23

Wild Nights Are My Glory

This past Thursday, I went to see Moliere's Tartuffe for an English class assignment. (Which was awesome by the way, and you should go see it while it's still playing. Very Tim Burton-esque and very funny. Click here for tickets.) Coming out of the theatre, I was going to take a bus home. But then I noticed the wind. Oh, the wind! It was stunning, and large, and more beautiful than anything I've imagined! I felt as if something big was coming, something big and magical and stunning. The sound, the feeling, the everything! So good! So I walked the streets for hours that night (literally. Two hours.) And listened to all the big music on my ipod (I'm needing some more suggestions. I exhausted my supply of Narnia, Peter Pan, and Lord of the Rings soundtracks. Know any other big music?) Best. Night. Ever.

Two days later came the snow. And you guys know me. I hate the snow.

But not this time.

This time it was magical. This time it won my heart. This time I realized why so many people love winter. The hush, the swirling white that covers the world in beauty. Love. Love love love. Now I know another reason why I am in Utah. I needed to learn that this world is beautiful in all of its clothing. And I love it.

Today it is snowing again.


  1. I would like to buy an advance copy of your book. Thank you very much.

  2. Yay for you blogging!

    And The Fountain by Clint Mansell. Check it.


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