Monday, January 25


Do one thing every day that scares you.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyday last week, I ran into this quote somewhere or another.
It started to get annoying.
And then I started to think about it.

What do I do that makes me uncomfortable? What do I do that scares me?

The answer is nothing.
I like my comfort zone.
I stay in it perpetually.

Time for a new me.
Time to be someone that is not afraid of adventures or exciting things or new things.
Time to widen my horizons.

I started on Saturday with a ponytail. I hated ponytails. I was afraid of how they would look on me. I was afraid of them because I had never tried one. So I wore one to pilates class on Saturday. And what do you know? It was very good and very convenient. So when my hair is straight, I will be wearing more ponytails.

On Sunday, I studied with someone. I have never studied with someone before. I'm the kind of person who does a lot better learning alone. Or so I thought. But when a cute boy wants to study for religion class, you don't say no. And I loved it. I remember everything we went over, which is a first for me. I will studying with people more. Or just with cute boys more.

Monday I went to a 6:00 am spinning class. Need I say more? It hurt SO BAD! But it was worth it. I felt so good the rest of the day.
I will be spinning again.

Today I haven't decided what to do, but I promise to keep it up.
Pretty soon, I won't be scared of anything.



  1. The ponytail thing is one way in which we differ. Ponytails are my staple hair do. Pretty much because by the end of the day, I want my long hair out of the way. And although mine don't always look good, they have the potential as a cute hair do.
    And yeah, I don't do much stuff that scares me or puts me out of my comfort zone. I should try that more often!

  2. i love this. I need to start doing this more too! Mine would be to talk to someone new everyday. people scare me I guess. love the ponytail story. I need to do the opposite and do something besides a ponytail.


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