Saturday, January 9

Smiling and Book Clubs

Two thoughts.
One, I love to smile.
It makes me feel better.
It makes me happy.
And it makes other people happy.
So stop pretending like life is a bunch of lemons and smile at me.
(Of course, if you like lemons, then you are welcome to go on pretending like life is lemony.)
Because nothing is better than being smiled at.
Ok, maybe there are a few things, like chocolate and sunshine,
but smiling is pretty darn awesome.

Second thought:
I want to start a book club.
I know my life is hectic and I am already doing so much reading this semester
(thank you, fundamental literary interpretation class)
but I love talking about books.
And I want some more perspectives.
So February is going to have a book club.
And I'm a needing suggestions for what book to read.
Let's make it gender neutral (no Pride and Prejudice)
and let's leave out the crap (no Twilight)
and the sketchy (no Forever Amber, Mom. Although it was a good thought).
I am open to other Jane Austen, like Persuasion (my personal favorite),
but for starting out I think we need something a little bit more inviting to all.
So what'll it be?
The Life of Pi? The Kite Runner?
Ideas, please!


  1. I smiled a lot today.

    I like books. I don't have any suggestions, I would like to try something new.

  2. I'm a little jealous of the lit class you get to take! It sounds wonderful. Is this going to be an online bookclub? If so, I vote Kite Runner because it's been on my "to read" shelf for quite some time and I would love to discuss as I go along!

  3. Did someone smile at you today?
    Or did you just enjoy smiling at them?

    I want in on the Book Club... I know I am far away, but that is what telephones are for!

  4. I don't think I like book clubs. I like to just read a book and like it or not. I don't want to know what other's philosophical comments are about it -- I've had too many books ruined that way. But I suppose I could give it a try . . . this once. But only if it's a book without sex, without gore and without lots of sadness. So I'll wait and see what book is decided upon. I've considered reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater as my English teacher said it lingered with her just like Jane Eyre did, and of course, her reference to Jane Eyre was all I needed. Note: I have no idea what Shiver is about but I do know that it has a waiting list at the library.

  5. Rey, I think you will like this site:
    It's my English teacher's site and it's all about reading, writing and teaching. She talks about a lot of books, and maybe you can get some ideas there. Go check it out.

  6. Hey lady. You are awesome. I love to read and may be interested in a book club. Do we have to live in Utah to join? Also, I started Life and Pi and could not get into it. I read Kite Runner and it was disturbing, but good.
    I don't have a ton of ideas, but are you on Goodreads? And are we friends on there? It is a social networking sight where you list books you've read and rate them. You can also add books you'd like to read, etc. We should be friends on there. Then, I could get ideas of lots of good books to read from you.


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