Saturday, January 2

Needle Point and Tiny Animals

Check it out:

We call them piggy pockets.

Sam and I have been busy at work today. I taught him how to crochet. And while I could be making something like a scarf or a hat, Mr. Snuggles is old and in love with his new guinea pig hide-a-way. So that is what Sam and I are doing today.


  1. This is basically awesome.

    And I'd still like to learn how to knit.

  2. You go! Crocheting is the best!

  3. Okay...just add another one to the list of soul sisters...needle crafting.
    I knit. I learned crochet once but kinda forgot how to do it. But, needle crafting is cool and you are cool for crocheting and for teaching your brother how to do it.

  4. I would like to place an order for a "piggy pocket"!
    I would need one giant one big enough to fit an adult and I would like it in black and white.
    Please and Thank you!

    FYI: It is freezing in Florida (hence as to why I need a giant piggy pocket), I hope you took the cold with you!

  5. These are sooo cute! Love it! I want to learn to crochet one day!


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