Thursday, January 7

16 Amazing Things

Because, thanks to my dad, my mom will forever be 16 on her birthdays, here is a list of things I love about her.

1. passion
My mother has a lot of passion that she is willing to share for important causes.
Whether it be Cub Scouts or homeschooling, she goes at it with all the love in her heart.

2. willingness to sacrifice
It's no secret that we're kind of a little bit poor.
But my mom has always made the material sacrifices to make sure that we had a mother around to nurture us every step of the way.
Would it have been easier to go to work?
Would it have been worth it?
Not in a million years.

3. devotion to all things gospel-like
My mother taught us the basics of the gospel from the time we were very little.
She sang us primary songs, took us to seminary every morning, and encouraged us to build testimonies of our own.
I am forever grateful.

4. homeschooling
Even when it was unpopular and sending us to school would have been a million times easier, she stuck to her guns and her personal beliefs that this was what our family needed.
Thank goodness for that!

5. healthy stuff
From massive amounts of produce to gardening to whole wheat pancakes, I'm so glad my mom taught me to eat healthy.
Without all that processed food.

6. an affinity for all things cute and fuzzy
This has resulted in allowing us to get guinea pigs and hamsters, even when dad was not so keen on the idea.
The bunnies and me appreciate it.

7. willingness to forgive
When I come up from a bad situation hating people, my mom set the perfect example of how to keep on loving.
Even when it's tough.
Because you might not know what the other person is going through.

8. hand gestures
My mom can't talk if you tie her hands behind her back.
Neither can I.

9. adventure
From turtle eggs to large holes in the backyard, my mom is always willing to try with us.

10. music
Like I've said, loud, big music is in the blood.

11. rocking chairs
My best memories are of being rocked and sang to before bed.
It's where I learned all the primary songs.
And even when we were way too big to all fit in her lap, Momma rocked us anyways.

12. books
My momma has collected books for years, enough to cover our whole house from top to bottom, and I am so grateful for the love that she instilled in me for books.

13. letting me go
My momma held us close and taught us all we need to know.
Then she let me go.
And she still takes care of me when I need it, but she lets me be my own person and make my own decisions
(even if they are stupid and she has to bail me out later *cough* insurance papers *cough*)

14. encouraging me

15. being my friend

16. loving me

Happy Birthday, Michee!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to her. Give her a hug for me.

  2. You are such a sweet daughter!
    I adore this post and your mother!
    Happy 16th Birthday to her!


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