Thursday, January 28

Cupcakes and Parties

So I have this weird thing...

I love sweets (this isn't the weird part). I love eating sweet, gooey, chocolatey things with sprinkles and such. I eat chocolate frosting straight from the container. I eat whole batches of cookies in a matter of hours. I carry around of giant Symphony bar in my purse/backpack (in case of dementors). But...

I hate cupcakes.

I mean, I like looking at them. They're cute and sweet and innocent. But there is something about them. I hate to eat them. Ick. I gag just thinking about it.

This is dumb and irrational.

So I have a plan. We are going to have a Cupcake Party. Everyone is going to bring a cupcake (or three) and we'll try them and decide which is the best. So pull out your best recipes. Pull out your decorating skills. We'll decorate some and have a contest. Let's be creative.

And there will be alternate desserts provided by me in case I really don't like cupcakes.

Sunday. My place. In lieu of game night. Everyone is invited. Email me if you don't know me but you still want to come and be my friend (no creepers, please.)


  1. Reyna! Wait...are you IN Australia right now? I saw your blog linked from Heathers :)

  2. Haha I wish! Nope, I'm still just on my way. :)

  3. Who doesn't like cupcakes...
    I can understand you don't like them if you didn't like cake... but I thought you liked cake?
    Fact: You are crazy.

    Also I am sad that I cannot attend this cupcake extravaganza!

  4. Ah! I wish I had been here for this. I kick ass at cupcakes and could have tried to convert you!


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