Thursday, January 14

Death. And some pretty statues.

I know this is morbid, but this picture just reminded me. Have you seen Phantom of the Opera? You know that graveyard? I want to be buried in a graveyard like that. None of those boring rows and rows of headstones. I know that when I die, I won't care. But for now, I want something regal and majestic. And just think how cool it will be at the resurrection to rise up next to amazing people? Because, let's be honest, only amazing people could possibly be buried in a graveyard like that. Famous poets, composers, and kings. I am absolutely sure of it. But I suppose that means I will have to do something great before I die. For a plot there? Consider it done.


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  1. The graveyard scene has to be one of my favorites (until the Phantom pops out & reuins the lovely eternal moment she has with her father)!
    And i will learn how to sing "Journey to the Cememtary" for my fathers funeral.
    Love it!
    Can my plot be next to yours?


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