Thursday, September 10

Interruption of the A-Z Series

Remember this picture?

I can't help it. This is for reals and the funniest thing.

A Craigslist ad:

"I'm looking for a cute girl to make out with. I'd prefer it to be on a somewhat regular basis, but a one time thing is fine too. I'm not looking for a dating relationship (though if it turns into that, that's cool), just friends who happen to enjoy making out with each other. This is the sort of thing that would end if the other starts dating somebody else, no hurt feelings. LDS standards do apply. I'd prefer someone who goes to BYU, but that is by no means a requirement. Put what state you're from in the subject line so that I know you're real."

Think I'm kidding?


  1. So you jumped right on it and sent him an email saying you were interested?

  2. Haha heck no. I don't do "make out buddies". Why? Are you interested?


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