Thursday, September 17

E: Eat

All I do is eat. Eat, eat, eat. It's a wonder I'm not 5 million pounds already. Because there are so many wonderful foods out there that I simply cannot resist, no matter how hard I try.

For example, there is this little shop that sells cuban bread back home, and they also sell doughnuts. When I say doughnuts, I mean the most perfect and fluffy in all the world doughnuts that you must eat at least 5 of. There is no resisting.

I love sweets, but don't get me wrong, I love my good food too. Cherries, I can eat by the pound. And I have. 3 pounds, to be exact. Watermelon is also good for eating large quantities of. And raspberries? I never can resist. Cold cereal is eaten quite regularly, also.

Oh food. How great you are.


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