Tuesday, September 22

F: Fashion Icon

Remember how I love Zooey Deschanel? And how my life's goal is to copy the way she dresses? As of today, I am doing quite well. I haven't worn anything but a skirt since school began. And it is good. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it makes in how I feel and act. I feel like a lady and I act accordingly. Stockings and heels keep me awake in class, red lipstick makes me feel dressed up, headbands and hair ribbons make me feel girlie, and skirts are so ultra feminine. And can I just tell you that people notice? I have had 3 boys in the past 24 hours tell me that I looked nice and ask me if I have somewhere to go. Also, a friend told me that he didn't know anyone who dressed like me. He obviously hasn't met Zooey. But he was right. I looked around on campus today and jeans are way too prevalent in our society. Time to be girlie, ladies. Time to be girlie.


  1. Cute but I'm stickin' with my jeans.

  2. I emphatically agree. Nothing says elegant like skirts and ribbons and I find heels especially attractive.

  3. I also love her. Her cotton commercial came on today and I swooned with admiration. Ah.


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