Tuesday, September 29

H: Halloween

I'm not done with {H} yet. Halloween is coming and I love it so much. Candy, costumes, pumpkins, fall. It is perfect. But I need ideas for costumes. What do you think? Pirates, faeries, princesses...What to be? I am slightly annoyed because each year I go to costume parties and come back with great ideas, but I always forget to write them down. So, once again, I am in the costume dilemma department. You should all comment and leave a fun costume idea. Please. I am begging you.

This is a picture of Halloween in Poland. Isn't it awesome?


  1. This picture is magnificent! I dont have any costume ideas stored, unfortunately. Sadly, I haven't celebrated Halloween in over seven years.

  2. Ideas...I have a few. You could buy an old, fancy dress at D.I. and then rip it up and singe some of it too. Then, make your hair wild and huge and paint your face like a zombie. I did that a couple years ago and Russ did the same with suit clothes. It was great.
    You could also be a dice. Get a large square box, cut holes in the top and bottom (to go over your head) paint the other sides to look like a die and then add string/ribbon attached to the box that goes over your shoulders to hold it up. Wear all black underneath.
    Or you could be a mummy. Wrap long strips of fabric around yourself.
    Or you could always be like a fairy or a princess or something. Maybe you should make your hair crazy and be a Dr. Seuss character.
    Whatever you do, please post pictures. I would love to see what you do.
    love you!

  3. pirate. I'm going to be a vampire(ess) if I get my costume sewn in time.


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