Wednesday, September 2

A little bit of white water, but mostly just cold.

Once upon a time, I accompanied my friends who were floating down the Provo river. This is a picture of us before hand.Fun? Yes. Until I fell out at the strongest point we happened to be floating. Which also happened to be five minutes after we got in. And I was tossed and turned all the way down to this rocky area where I held on for dear life until Roy came and rescued me. Who is Roy? Good question. He was in my old ward. That's all I've got. But he picked me up and carried me out like a princess. And my heart was his. The end.

Just kidding. But it was a good moment for me. And even though I didn't get to have as much fun as everyone else {Jeremy tried to get me to go get our raft, but I couldn't even stand up, for goodness sake! Once again, Roy saved the day... But I was too chicken to get back in.}, and I lost my shoes, it was still a good day. And we are going again Saturday.

ps Dennis went with me and discovered that I have amazing friends. Roman Gardens was good to me.

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