Thursday, September 10

C: Concert

Last night was INCREDIBLE!!!!

We went to Keith Urban's concert and won amazing tickets from a radio station. Keith is so so good because his song Better Half is the first country song I ever liked. It is the reason that I began to listen to country stations and from there it became an addiction.

Can you tell that we were super excited? Ok, mainly just me and maybe Kenzie a bit. I don't remember why Kim is sad...

Meet my new buddy Kim. (And ignore my fake gang sign.)
And feast your eyes upon the gloriousness that is Keith Urban. I swear, he has it all: Nicole Kidman for a wife, he is incredible sexy, he can sing so well, play the guitar just as good, and he loves what he is doing. Also, he made his concert tickets cheaper because of our strapped economy and he was so grateful that we were all there.

But the best part? He goes out into the audience and sings. Translation? He walked by us and we touched him. Ok, a little weird, but very good, nonetheless.

Plus, he has a glow-in-the-dark guitar.
And his band members can SING!!! We were shocked when he introduced us and had them sing for about 30 seconds each. And there was confetti.

ps My bangs don't always look this trashy. It was hot. And my muscles hurt from jumping up and down and clapping. And my voice is dangling on the threshold of invisibility.

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