Saturday, September 12

D: Disney

If there's anything that does it for me, it's Disney. They are brilliant! I get chills every time I watch Ariel sing her reprise on the rock. I cry my eyes out every time John Smith goes back to England and leaves Pocahontas. I laugh hysterically every time Jane says, "And, Daddy, he took my boot!" (I can imitate her quite well.) Every word that comes out of Meg's mouth is witty and funny. And I would marry the Beast for that library (and he happens to be my favorite prince. Yes, even with his long-ish hair. I think it is the magical transformation and the light that shoots out of his fingers and toes that makes me love him so much.) I have the Finding Nemo soundtrack and can play it on the piano. It reminded me that I need to go to the Great Barrier Reef.

Ahhh Disney. And here they are, about to do it again.

The Princess & the Frog


The Bear & the Bow

(For which Google has no image.)

So get ready. Here they go again.


  1. I think the little mermaid soundtrack is my favorite. My poor parents had to endure me singing it and watching it repeatedly.

    Finding Nemo rocks.

    I want/wanted to BE Belle. Simply for the library. I had to close my eyes when the Beast transforms. He's my least favorite prince.

  2. I haven't even seen half of the movies you mention. And I'm ok with that. (You may be interested to know, though, my grandmother was an artist for Disney.)


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