Monday, September 28

H: Hair

I know that we already moved on to I, but I am back pedaling for an important reason. My roots are beginning to become unbearable for me, and I need your help deciding which way to go. Please ignore who the pictures are of and focus on the color. I do not like Kristen Stewart, nor am I promoting her or Twilight movies. Just her hair. And since mine is about that length, what do you think?
THe second option is to go darker, or about the same color I am right now.
Let the voting Please.


  1. I suppose I don't really know what color your hair currently is, because I can't see any difference in these pictures and what you have. Though, I had supposed that stewarts was a little lighter than yours. So, I guess I'm not really a good one to leave an opinion about it.

    And did you know coloring your hair will give you cancer.

    I was thinking of getting chocolate stripes (highlights . . .lowlights . . .whatever they are called). What do you think? Denise says no.

  2. Coloring my hair will not give me cancer. Stripes anything is not okay, unless it is zebra. So no. I go with Denise.

  3. I have spent some time thinking about this now and I vote darker for the fall/winter.


    Give me your hair.

  4. Hair color WILL give you cancer, and so will a microwave, and all the preservatives they put in food.

  5. Ooooooo........darker = sexier, definitely!


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