Sunday, November 16


So all men that stepped into our apartment/lives last year were named. For instance, there was Soup Boy. He found out that I was sick (no one told him it was with mono...) and he made me soup. Not just chicken noodle, but full on MADE me a veggie chicken thing soup. I never got any, I wonder what happened to it. But after that we called him Soup Boy, and I even went out with him once, but when I see him randomly, I struggle to remember his real name.
The next was Creepy Produce Man. We met him in the produce section of Macey's. Katie said he was weird and creepy, and Dawna said, "He touched my butt!" Well I waved them off and said he was just being nice, and that no he didn't touch Dawna's butt. I ran into him a few weeks later, agreed to go out, and yes my friends, he was Creepy. With a capital C.
Mendenbar, King of the Enchanted Forest came about when Katie Kelly the Most Wonderful Series, Dealing With Dragons. A description of King Mendenbar just fit our one long and lanky friend so perfectly. Unfortunately, I slipped and let that one out, so we cannot refer to him as that in front of him and get away with secrecy.

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