Monday, November 10

Finals Week 2007

Who? Dawna, Reyna, Katie Kelly, and Missy
What? The O.C. marathons, cleaning checks, German pancakes at 3 am, all nighters, paint fumes, Tina Turner hair, boxes, crazy car rides, waiting for trains, Stardust, and packing. Oh, and finals were in there somewhere...
When? Winter semester 2007
Where? Glenwood. #56 baby
How? We are still trying to figure that out... How did we survive that week with no sleep, terrible food, and paint fumes permeating our pores? It is a mystery.

The Tine Turner hair
We had to get moving boxes/Katie Kelly was frightened of my driving skills. WIth very good reason, might I add.

We made a fort out of mattresses when we painted Dawna and Missy's room back to white.
...And then it collapsed.
We needed much energy to stay awake all those hours.

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