Thursday, November 27

The Cotton Ball

Crazy Horse wants to get a dog. She says that we can teach him to pee out the window so that no one will suspect us for breach of contract and he will be our little Knight in Shining Armour.I don't really like him. (We will call him George. Doesn't he look like Mr. Washington?) I just think that he will get all yappy and big and nasty and then he will have that brown stuff all over his eyes and mouth and we will have to shampoo him all the time. No thank you. I want a cat.


  1. Dear lover of the disgusting feline species,
    We will not have a cat in our house. First, I am allergic. Second, I hate them. Third, they shed and crawl everywhere. Fourth, they are God's punishment to this earth. Fifth, dogs are better.
    George will not get brown stuff around his face and I don't see how you and crazyface roommate can't look at that face and want to squeeze him. He's adorable!

    Best regards,
    Crazy Horse.

  2. Sorry Reyna... I have to side with Heath here. He is the cutest little thing I ever did see. How could anyone look at those little puppy eyes and his tiny little ball of white fluff body just sitting there and not LOVE him?

  3. Reyna I would just like you to be well aware of the fact that every time I read your blog, EVERY time, I laugh. And usually I laugh to the point of accidental snorting. Also, Heather and Miley are right. Cats are disgusting, dogs are smarter and I like George. I can watch him for you guys if you go on vacation or need a break from him! PS If Heather wasn't going to stay in Roman Ruins for Winter Semester I would move in with you and George but alas I cannot live with my superior, I mean sister. Night!


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