Saturday, November 8

I am

I am beginning the rest of my life.
I think she's crazy.
I know that the gospel is true.
I want to be a mom someday. And a midwife.
I have way too many clothes.
I dislike having to wake up and be somewhere in the mornings. It would be so much nicer to lay in bed.
I miss my family so much that it hurts in the morning when I wake up.
I fear not having someone to turn to.
I feel anxious about how my life will turn out.
I hear the sound of waves and Josh Groban's beautiful voice.

I smell cinnamon apple muffins! Yum!

I crave fresh fruit (raspberries and cherries in particular)

I cry when I am overwhelmed, and when I hear Anything But Mine by Kenny Chesney.

I usually am daydreaming or reading a book.
I search for hidden treasure when I go anywhere what looks mysterious in any way.
I wonder who my husband is, where he is, and what he is doing.
I regret watching the O.C. till 3 am last night.
I wish that Mr. Darcy was a real person.
I love Christmas. And my family. And books. And the ocean.
I care about whether I get to class on time.
I always eat breakfast.
I worry that I won't be able to do it all.
I am not about to give up. There is too much at stake.
I remember to wash my face every night.
I believe in things that I can't see.
I sing in the shower, in the car, in my room...EVERYWHERE!
I don't always agree with everyone, even though I pretend like I do.
I argue with my mom sometimes.
I win at catch phrase and spoons. Every time.
I lose at any kind of athletic activity.
I write too many papers! And in my journal.
I listen to my mom tell me about her day. Every day. And I love it.
I don't understand math.
I can usually be found on my bed or reading a book.
I need at least 8 hours of sleep.
I forget to return phone calls.
I am happy that it is almost Christmas so I can go home.

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