Monday, November 10


Light has always played a very important role in my life. My mother is especially sensitive to light--our walls are yellow, the blinds come up as soon as the sun does, and there ALWAYS has to be a light on at night (bathroom, kitchen, anything). If the light goes out, or someone turns it off, then she wakes up immediately. And it isn't just physical light that she is sensitive to, but spiritual light as well.
I am not as sensitive to light as my mother is, but I have come to love it and crave it. I need sunshine to feel happy each day. Rainy days are difficult for me to deal with.
I have an obsession with candles and night-lights. There is something altogether spooky and yet so hauntingly beautiful about the dancing light of a candle, and something so comforting and magical when you look over at the night-light. I love to light candles at night and I had a pirate ship night-light that was fantastic. Unfortunately, it broke.

In Poland (where my friend is serving his mission) there is a special tradition that they have--on Halloween night, or The Day of the Dead as they call it over there, everyone brings candles and lights up the graveyards. Aren't the pictures simply magical looking?

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