Friday, May 29

Just a May

Watching... Season 3 of The X-Files. Scully and Mulder just keep getting better. I always thought that I wouldn't enjoy watching the beginning after I saw the ending, especially after Scully and Mulder get it on. But I love it still. Oh, and Batman is on tv right now, so that's going on too.

Reading... Just finished A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. It wasn't that good, for the main character was so perfect that she got annoying. I started The Once & Future King again and am currently remembering how wonderful it is.

Listening... Ingrid, of course. Well, Joshua Radin, too. I love their duet, Sky. She & Him has been pretty high on my list too.

Making... Apple muffins. And a mess in the kitchen.

Wanting... An ihome. I am dying without my music every morning. Oh, and a car. It is Friday night and I am stranded at home because my family went camping.

Promising... To clean up the kitchen after I'm done cooking.

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  1. ok. what's your phone number? I'm stuck at work again, with a dead phone.


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