Thursday, May 7

Car Crash

Okay, so I wrecked my car. Poor Pinkerton! He is very angry at me. I feel awful abandoning him to the junkyard. But he is gone.


I must say, it was the scariest thing I have ever been through, but I did find out how wonderful my friends really are. Elfie not only had her wisdom teeth removed less than a week before, but had just come down with the flu. And she still came down as soon as I called. (But we aren't friends. I don't even like her.)

Jessica left work to come get me from Urgent Care (rock on, BYU Health Center!) and helped me clean out poor Pinkerton. Anything I need, these girls are there. I am so lucky. Three days and I already miss them.

I will show you my injuries tomorrow.

Addendum: Has anyone else noticed that the date on my camera is screwy? This most definitely happened on May 4th, not April 15th. Weird.


  1. Holy cow! Heather said you were in an accident but I didn't know how bad it was! I'm also glad you're okay.


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