Friday, May 8


So not too many of my injuries are visible, besides those viscious bruises and what Elfie refers to as "the hickey on my boob" (which isn't really a hickey, but a scrape. And it is closer to my collarbone than my boob...).

But there is some inner damage: a slightly torn ligament in my neck, bruised sternum and ribs, and the rest is in my back, but I don't really know how to explain it, not being a doctor and all.

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  1. Hey, it does look like a hickey!

    And this looks like no fun.

    Give me your address sometime, and I will bike to your house.

    I'm bored.

  2. Awe! Reyna your battle wounds are extensive! I'll show Tyler these photos. That'll shut him up :) Love you! Miss you already!


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