Tuesday, June 2

By Request

I was asked by a dear friend, unhappily stranded in Texas (don't ask. I didn't think it was possible either), to blog a bit so she could be entertained. So here goes.

Some things I have never done:

I have never picked an apple from a tree.

I have never been to Boston in the fall.

I have never ridden a horse.

I have never worn a bikini.

I have never left the country.

I have never baked a pie.

I have never said "I love you" to a boy.

I have never worn red lipstick.

(Taylor did it WELL!)

I have never read The Old Man and the Sea.

I have never seen Steel Magnolias.

I have never broken a bone.

I have never played football.

Look for the positives tomorrow.

And last, some news that will interest but few.

1. I turned off X-Files for what might be the first time. I didn't turn off the creepy Indian man. But I did turn off the cockroaches that were crawling under peoples' skin. We all have our limits. Cockroaches are mine. Nevertheless, Scully and Mulder are SO GOOD!!!

2. 17 year old is texting me, inviting me over to be friends. Unacceptable. I shut him down. Details upon inquiry.

3. Baby Reefy loves me. This is for reals. And I was loving having his mom to myself for a whole hour tonight! I have missed my talks with Miss Tiff.

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  1. I miss florida.


    I miss you.

    And thank you so much for this. I love you. I will be calling you tomorrow about little boy.

    We will not talk about me, actually we might, depending on how much sleep i get, or i will end in tears.

    Anyway, you are amazing, and I love you. (is that too affectionate? i'm sorry)

  2. I feel very uncomfortable that 17 year old is still perusing you. What doesn't he understand about "No"?! Boys are silly. I have done lots of those things that you said you have never done... ie bakes a pie, told a boy I loved him, ridden a horse, seen Steel Magnolias, etc. I think there are more but that is all that I can remember.

  3. My response to this is the Lily Allen song "Never Gonna Happen".

  4. Get thee to a kitchen and bake a dang pie! Seriously.


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