Tuesday, May 26

Summer Project

It is possible that I have already told a good number of you, because I am so excited, but I decided to find my more crafty side and refurnish my bureau and nightstand. Me and my electric sander (meaning, my father's electric sander) are slowly wearing away the nasty cream and pink (I like pink, but this is a nasty one) to discover the beauty underneath. Under my father's watchful and carefully instructing eye, I am learning a new skill that will serve me well in my future home. Woot! Pictures to come. For now, I am off to mail my missionaries 2 week late birthday package. Hopefully, he will still want me when he gets home. Peace out!


  1. Of course he will still want you when he gets home.

  2. Reyna. I love that you are becoming crafty because we have already decided that you/Pottery Barn will decorate my home. Also. I love that you are holding out for your missionary! Of course he will still like you! Everyone likes you! It's impossible not to. I hope my missionary still likes me when he comes home too!


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