Wednesday, May 6

6 Lovely Things

I have been tagged by the lovely Laura over at Gypsea Tree. So here are 6 things that make me happy.

1. Water bottles I know that this is not ideal for the enviroment, but I love the Costco water bottles. It's going to be a long summer without them.

2. X-Files Duh. Of course this would be on my list!

3. Music Music Music: Wicked, Sugarland, Ingrid Michaelson, Lady Antebellum. I can't live without the stuff.

4. Crisp Sheets There is nothing better then sliding into cool crisp sheets. Ooo lovely!

5. Raspberries Yummy! My most favorite of all fruits. I can eat them all day every day and not get tired of them. This is for reals.

6. The sound of rain on the roof I prefer sunshine, but when it rains at night, there isn't a lovelier sound. Well, the ocean might give it a run for it's money...

And now I am tagging these lovely people

and Dandrin

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2. Logictv
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5. BrewBeer

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  1. Haven't been on the computer for a while... just saw this so I'll get on it and post on my blog! Thanks for taggin me! :)


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