Wednesday, May 27

Sometimes Stories Come True

Once upon a time, I ran across an old caboose that was for sale. It was red. It was perfect. I wanted it badly. Mom and dad said no. It looked like the one above, only more rundown. Dad told me that it needed a lot of work and would wind up being quite expensive, and was I willing to do the work required/did I have enough money? Sadly, my ten year old self and Mr. Caboose went our separate ways. There ended my dream of being magical, or slightly like the Boxcar Children.

Until today.

Today all my dreams were revived by GypseaTree. And something much better than a caboose.

What is it? you say. Well, I reply, it is a real live gypsy wagon. With personality, and stories, and character bestowed upon it by its inhabitants in years past. And it will be mine. As soon as I have a beautiful house, I will have a gypsy wagon to put in the backyard. It will be mine. I will write in it. I will dream in it. Try not to be jealous, for of course you are invited over to share. I will be making lemoncake on Wednesdays.

.caboose courtesy of Edward K Hoo (it really is for sale if you are interested)
.gypsy wagons via Gypsea Tree
.website for said gypsy wagons (warning: you have to understand French for this one)

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  1. I think this sounds like a fine idea. Your kids will love you. And I'm stealing your idea for myself. God bless


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