Monday, May 18

Mirrors, Lights, and Bright Colours

Have I told you how much I love carousels? I feel like there is something magical about them. It might be because I read Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. I don't get on them unless they're really big, because the little ones make me dizzy and nauseous. But I love them just the same. My best friend and I had a dream when we were growing up that we would find a carousel and ride on it with our prom dates in our big beautiful dresses. It never happened, so maybe that will be something I do this week. Dress up and be magical for a little bit.



  1. Reyna, I vote yes.


    I will also bring a nice camera.

  2. So you just left me on facebook.

    So not only did my parents let me sign the contract, but when i called michelle, she said the upstairs room opened up in your house!!

    So yep. I am now upstairs with you guys! :D

  3. PS Board #389 is very good. Very you! I likey.


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