Saturday, April 18

Thoughts on Change

In less than a month, this shall be me. I am very happy about that. I am not so happy about moving out of my beloved Roman Ruins. We had a ward luncheon (thanks, Bishop!) to take a break from finals, and I was getting very depressed at the thought of leaving my fantabulous ward. My room is also looking empty, for I packed away all my books and most of my clothes. The Christmas lights are still up around my bed, so that helps a little. But I am mostly just sad.

(No Elfie, not because I am leaving you. I don't love you. I loathe you. Remember? Ok, that's a lie. Please don't leave me!)

I decided that I don't like change. I like the idea of change, I don't actually like the thing itself.


  1. I'm not leaving you, you're leaving me, remember?
    Don't worry, we shall bond over the summer via X-Files and I shall perhaps see you in the Fall.

    P.S. I did my hair blonde tonight and you have no idea. I'm just waiting for you to open that door and widen those eyes at the sight...


  2. stinkin' change- why's life always gotta be changing on us?! :) I'm EXCITED you're coming HOME!! We need to play!


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