Friday, April 3

News Items

1. My roommate hits people with her car. Remember when Michael hit Meredith on The Office? That is Heather. I still feel okay riding with her, after all, no one in the car was hurt. Just fingerprinted. (Full story here)

2. Did you know that it has kind of been snowing/cold? April and I are getting off on the wrong foot.

3. The X-Files are over. We just watched the last episode of season 9. I can't handle how sad I am about this. Why? Because I want to believe. At least there is one more movie.

4. General Conference is this weekend! Check it out, I guarantee it will be good. (Here)

5. Aliens are coming to invade the earth on December 22, 2012. Be ready.

Loves you!

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  1. Why can't the Aliens wait to invade until AFTER Christmas. Things are hectic enough that time of year without having to plan for an Alien invasion too!

    - Mindy in Ogden


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