Thursday, April 16

Reyna and theTerrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

!. I woke up and it looked like this out. Is someone seriously trying to kill springtime?
@. I woke up a little late in desperate need of a shower, but the water was turned off.

#. I didn't realize the water was turned off until I already had cold cream all over my eyes, trying to get yesterday's makeup off.(See? You need water.)

$. I have spent the last 24 hours thinking that today was Friday, which made me think I had a test at 3:00 (false) and freaking out because I wasn't prepared. I just realized, like ten minutes ago, that today is only Thursday.

%. Have you ever tried to live your life without running water?! Let's just say that I would have made a rotten pioneer.

But it is only noon, so the day has the promise of improvement. For example, Jess and I are going rockclimbing tonight. There is a cute boy at The Quarry. Bwahahaha!

via Captured by Mikki, BeautyHobby, and allaroundphilly


  1. I was happy the snow melted pretty quickly but I was very sad to see how many trees it hurt. I hope today is a better day!

  2. There is a cute boy at the Quarry and he is sad you are leaving... so you should stay


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