Saturday, April 25

Day One

I feel like a child who is pretending to play house. Only this is for reals. I am staying with the children I nanny while mom and dad are in Hawaii. Fun?Yes. Intimidating? Yes. I am not sure how I am going to last a week. But I'll keep you informed. Promise.

Here's what went on around here today.

Baby decided to eat crayons. Not one, not two, but more than 5. He has a stash somewhere and I can't find it.

Baby learned how to climb onto the counter. At one years old, I am not impressed. I am trying to train him out of it by picking him up, saying no, and putting him in his room. I don't shut the door or anything, he can some right out, but he still hates it and hollers like none other. Does this sort of thing work? I have no previous experience.

We started the circle chart to get through the week. It goes like this: 10 circles, 5 empty and 5 with privileges written in them. Example: TV, computer time, desserts, etc. Every time someone misbehaves, one gets crossed off. Once you get through the first 5, you start losing privileges for the whole family. These kids are paranoid. We haven't lost one circle yet.

I am so tired from this past week (moving out and stuff, details to come) that I haven't sat down all day. I was nodded off when I sat down to read stories earlier, and that is just unacceptable when you are doing what I'm doing.

I will take some pictures tomorrow and hopefully have some good stories to tell.

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  1. Good luck Reyna!

    I know you can do it.



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