Monday, April 13

Pleated Pants and Greek Gods

All semester long, I have looked at one of my professors and hated his pleated pants. They are not flattering. Today he did not wear pleated pants, but flat front. Today, I thought my professor was quite cute, without realizing why. Then it hit me. I hate pleated pants more than I thought I did. You know, if he had skipped out on the pleats, I might have had a better reason to go to class. Just a thought.

One of my other professors (a German, sixty-something Classics professor) used the phrase "sexy flanks" in reference to the rape of Europa. Not once, not twice, but three times. I am still dying of laughter inside that he actually said that. Oh Zeus old boy, did you ever imagine that all fear and awe associated with you would be replaced by "sexy flanks"? Probably not, or you wouldn't have turned yourself into that white bull.
P.S. The flowers upon your head are emasculating.

by Guido Reni

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  1. Dear Reyna,
    I love you. Your posts always make me laugh. I'm sad you're going so far away for the summer. Perhaps I will come visit you. Ok, I'm getting back to work.
    Sincerely, Jessica


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