Sunday, April 26

Day Two

Today brought many surprises. A few of them were runny noses, millions of baby ducks, paint. Lots and lots of washable paint.

Baby woke up grumpy and sick. He wouldn't eat, but he would yell at me. I can cope with that.

Macy painted every piece of paper in the house, I swear. And the counter. And her clothes. And the floor. Thank goodness it was washable.

We went to the duck pond by campus and there we MILLIONS of baby ducks. There were some ducks that wouldn't move till you got too close and then the babies would just flow out. It was like clowns out of a car. One mama duck had 13 under her, but you couldn't tell when she was sitting. It was great. I forgot my camera (of course) but we are going back Tuesday. I promise pictures.

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