Monday, January 19

Spiders and Plumbing Monsters

You know how I like The X-Files? Well, we were watching them Saturday night, and it was really late. Heather fell asleep, and when it was over and I went to bed, I tried to get her to come to. I don't like sleeping alone. But she wouldn't come because of the sea monster in the plumbing. At least, that's what she said. But that was like, 3 episodes back. And it's not like we have a bathtub in our room. So she stayed on the living room floor all night and I wound up sleeping with the light on and the door open. Not because I'm scared of the monsters in sexfiles (our name for X-Files, not porn or a human sexuality movie) but because I would rather sleep in a room with a million spiders than sleep in a dark room alone. Yes, a million.


  1. BLAH! Spiders? Really? Yucky. Reyna, that's not even healthy

  2. That might be a problem when you come to visit me in my little one room cabin in the meadow (when I actually get that cabin). I won't have electricity, and I won't allow you to leave the candle burning all night - safety precautions, you know. I guess you'll have two choices: you can bring a flashlight to leave on or bring your own spiders since I do not intend to have any there.

    - Mindy in Ogden, UT


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