Friday, January 16

Northern Lights

Have I told you of my current fascination?

The Northern Lights

What are they? What causes them? Is it just a natural occurrence, for which there is no explanation? Or is it something more? Something bigger, more real than anything we have answers to. Philip Pullman likes to think of them as gateways to Other Worlds. What worlds? One's we can only imagine. I don't have a theory yet, but I will let you know when I do. In the meantime, isn't this a powerful image?

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  1. Hey, the northern lights are amazing!! I have seen them many times in Alaska and it is awe inspiring and very hard to describe what it is like to watch them. Aurora Borealis is the scientific term but either way they are indescribable.
    Also, the more I see of your blog the more I think you and I are secret twins. You rock.


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