Thursday, January 29

Embarrassing Moment of the Day

I was at work today, and I was vacuuming the stairs while Jody worked on alterations and little Garrett took a nap. Their vacuum has this cool little attachment that you put on the end of the hose, and it's like a little mini that works great for the stairs and other weird places that must be vacuumed. Well, as I turned to lift the vacuum to the next step, I somehow vacuumed up my hair. All the way up, like, two inches from my head. And we all know how long my hair is. It took me a second to find the off button, and then I struggled for a minute, but to no avail because I cannot see the top of my head. So I had to swallow my pride and ask Jody for help. It took her a full 2 minutes to stop laughing hysterically so she could think straight enough to find a screwdriver and take apart that cursed little attachment and slowly unwind my hair.
Who in this world vacuums up their own hair? The hair is fine, but my ego is bruised.

P.S. Jody makes the cutest little aprons. Anyone interested?


  1. okay i just laughed so hard I snorted! I love you and miss you

  2. yet another reason to be a guy

  3. Holy crap. Reyna, I'm still laughing. How I love you!

  4. Reyna that just made me laugh so hard that I was coughing for air! That was the best.


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