Saturday, January 24

Cleaning Checks

Yup, it's that time of month again. That little slip of paper floats into your apartment Monday morning, and you don't think of it again until Saturday morning at 10:00 am when you are regretting staying up until 2:00 am watching a dumb movie with your friends (Eagle Eye? Not so great.) And the checks are at 11:00 am. But that crazy nit picky lady hasn't even shown up yet and it's 11:45. Also, I think that our new roommates are a little bit more stressed than we have ever been. They were up at 8:00 making sure it was all perfect.
Also, we stole a vacuum from the boys at 103 (at least, I think it's 103) and we have used it almost every day for the 2 weeks that we have had it. They just tried to vacuum today with the broken vacuum that we gave them in return and sent Jonathan to retrieve the good one. Isn't that kind of gross? That it took them two weeks to discover our deviousness? Also, this is the 2nd time that Jonathan has come over and I have looked like a truck. I feel sorry for myself.
Also, this is what our vacuum looks like, only it's red and grosser looking.


  1. nasty vacuums must be something that the Church likes.... b/c all but one of mine have sucked... wait... no they didnt.... the bit...

  2. Reyna. You are silly. You have never looked like a truck in your entire life, of this I am certain. Tu es tres tres belle!


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