Thursday, January 1

Excuses Excuses

What excuses do you make for yourself when you don't want to do something?

You know, some people don't have excuses, and they agree to all that is asked of them. Others of us are just full of them. I realized the other day just how young we are when we realize that if we come up with something else we have to do, we can get out of just about anything.

Tavi is 2 1/2 years old. He began taking swimming lessons this year, but he dislikes the part where he has to go underwater. So, he comes up with every excuse he can muster. It sounds something like this:
Oh no! Tito [what he calls himself] mimi's! [Short for dormir, which means sleep in Spanish] Ummm...Tito poopoo! Tito agua! Tito chi chis! [This means he wants to be breastfed] Cheese! [His favorite food]
These are his main excuses that he uses for everything. (Yesterday though, he ran away from me at the beach, and his excuse was "Poppy!" He ran to my dad to try and escape punishment, but it didn't work.)

And it made me think, What excuses do I make to not have to do something?
I use the homework excuse a lot on poor boys who wish to monopolize my time. And I always tell myself that I am too sleepy to do my dishes, or write that paper, or wash my face. Hmmm.... How can I fix this? No more excuses!

Tavi about to run at the beach

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