Tuesday, January 6

New Year's Resolutions

I'm a little late on this one, but I feel like it is worth writing about. I always make goals at the beginning of the year, but I am never very good at keeping them. But this year I am determined to be different. So I came up with 3 things that need improvement.

1 Read my scriptures and pray every day.
I will admit, I forget to do this. I love my religion classes, because they remind me what I need to be doing, and I am determined to make my relationship with my Heavenly Father closer than it is.

2 Get straight A's.
Tyler and I were talking today about how horrible our low GPA's are right now. We were always 4.0 students, and yet here we are with 3.1's. I blame my modern dance class (which I failed because I got sick half way through the semester and couldn't make it to 3 classes). But I have no excuse not to do wonderfully this semester, for all my classes are wonderful.

3 Be healthy
This means not skipping meals, drinking 70 oz of water, getting all my fruits and veggies, and EXERCISING! The dreaded word! I feel I am very skinny for one who likes to lay around reading and avoiding any sort of physical activity. But that's not the point. I may not be overweight, but I am certainly not healthy. So I am going to spend the summer doing this.

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